US environment chief denies Co2 emissions cause global warming

US environment chief denies Co2 emissions cause global warming

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New EPA Pruitt won’t listen to scientists, but he promises he’s listening to industry.

Scott Pruitt on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Thursday. CREDIT: Screenshot via CNBC
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Think Progress

Scott Pruitt on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Thursday. CREDIT: Screenshot via CNBC
Scott Pruitt on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Thursday. CREDIT: Screenshot via CNBC

The man in charge of the protecting the US environment, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Thursday morning and falsely claimed carbon dioxide emissions are not the “primary contributer” of global warming.

“I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see,” he said.

Pruitt might choose not to accept that fact, but it’s true. Scientists have found a causal relationship between the carbon dioxide humanity has been spewing into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution and the ever-increasing global temperatures.

The global carbon dioxide level is expected to reach a record high this spring, as it has over the last several years. Meanwhile, the country has been experiencing record warmth, and sea ice is approaching — if it hasn’t already begun — a death spiral.

The Supreme Court has already sided with the EPA in ruling carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is a pollutant, and, as such, must be regulated. In response, the EPA, under Obama, formulated the Clean Power Plan, which seeks to limit carbon emissions from the electricity sector, one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and, therefore, to global warming.

During his confirmation hearing, Pruitt told Senators he would not try to overturn the pollutant finding, but he has repeatedly said that human activity has not been adequately linked to climate change.

In the same interview Thursday, Pruitt explained why the agency withdrew a request for information from oil and gas producers that was intended to help the EPA establish how to best reduce methane leaks and venting. He said the industry asked the agency to back off.

“We’ve withdrawn that [request], after hearing from industry,“ Pruitt said. ”So we’re taking steps to instill rule of law, process, and also making sure that we’re listening to those in industry and how it’s going to impact them.”

This position was less problematic when Pruitt was the EPA-suing attorney general of Oklahoma. Now that he is running the agency, it is expected to cause issues.

Any day now, President Trump is expected to issue an executive order rolling back the Clean Power Plan and triggering lawsuits over how the agency will address carbon pollution. Under Pruitt, the EPA is not expected to proactively address this issue, and environmentalists worry that the country will lose its last, best chance to address climate change and prevent six or more feet of sea level rise by the end of the century.

Pruitt’s comments echo those commonly heard from climate science deniers — and from fossil fuel interests, two groups that frequently overlap.

Pruitt has been criticized for his cozy relationship with oil and gas companies, whose business is directly related to the current carbon crisis. As Oklahoma attorney general, he allowed an oil and gas lawyer to write a letter that Pruitt then sent to the EPA on state letterhead. The Oklahoma attorney general’s office is currently embroiled in a legal fight to prevent the release of emails between Pruitt and his staff and oil and gas representatives.

This is not the first time Pruitt has rejected or been ignorant to mainstream scientific research. During his confirmation hearing, he indicated that he did not know whether there was a “safe” amount of lead for children to inject. (There is not.)

Source: Think Progress. Reproduced with permission.


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  1. trackdaze 4 years ago

    It appears peak oil is just down the road from stupid street.

  2. Ren Stimpy 4 years ago

    Scott Pruitt is clearly there only because of pure luck!

    • Jo 4 years ago

      yes, if you call corruption luck.

      • Ren Stimpy 4 years ago

        I would.

    • Kevan Daly 4 years ago

      He’s there because he had a long record in Oklahoma of litigating to try and force the EPA to abide by the Congressional act that set them up.

      • Ren Stimpy 4 years ago

        and a bunch of interference from a range of players which handed Trump the election. They’re just very lucky to be in government.

  3. Kevan Daly 4 years ago

    I read the Oz in the morning and RenewEconomy in the afternoon and all I can say is that I feel sorry for Finkel.

  4. Robert Comerford 4 years ago

    The term ” idiot in charge of the asylum” comes to mind :>)

  5. Macabre 4 years ago

    In other news Trump is rumoured to be considering changing the name from EPA to IPA – Industry Protection Agency.

  6. Bob Fearn 4 years ago

    Many competent and capable people in America and Trump picks greedy, ignorant, rich guys. This will not end well.

    • Ren Stimpy 4 years ago

      He picked Rex Tillerson because he ‘looks like’ a secretary of state, he was considering Mitt Romney for the same reason, and excluded other candidates because they didn’t look like the image he had in his mind for a secretary of state. Shallow or what.

  7. Radbug 4 years ago

    Industry ain’t industry, Sol. Trump has opted for yesterday’s industry. America’s destiny is to retreat to its hemisphere. Kim Beasley has stated that Australia’s sovereignty will not survive such a retreat. Well, Kim, The Donald has just hastened that retreat.

  8. Joe 4 years ago

    I look forward to the day in the future where all the ‘Deniers’ in governing official positions face the music of public prosecution and imprisonment similar to the United Nations prosecuting War Criminals. It is clear that corruption from Big Coal, Big Oil and Big Gas is behind the resistance to renewable energy. It was revealed years ago the Exxon via its very own scientists was aware of climate change and knew what was causing it. But Exxon, just like the Tobacco Industry did, pushed misinformation, denials and outright lies until finally exposed. There is no excuse for any national government to say we need more proof or the science isn’t settled….Exxon is our proof !!!!

  9. Geoff 4 years ago

    didn’t even bother reading the article as anything coming out from a trump administration is worthless.

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