Charging for Tesla truck could power 3,200 UK homes for 1 hour

Power needed to recharge one Tesla Semi in 30 minutes would power up to 3,200 typical UK homes for one hour.

Tesla’s solar roof and storage 2.0 reveal: What to expect

Tesla to unveil integrated solar roofing line, alongside Powerwall and Powerpack 2.0, the next step in Musk’s dream of 100% renewables. Here’s what we know about these new products …

Tesla to create one-stop shop for solar, storage and electric cars

Tesla proposes merger with SolarCity, creating a one-stop shop for rooftop solar, battery storage and electric vehicles, and becoming first vertically integrated company offering complete suite of household and transport energy needs. But the deal has to get shareholder approval, and that may not be easy.

Musk: ‘I’m not a fan of disruption; just a fan of things being better’

Elon Musk wants the people to know that he’s not quite the rebel some have made him out to be.

How Tesla battery storage compares with rivals on prices

Tesla has been credited with a step change in pricing on battery storage technology. But how does it really compare with rivals?

SolarCity’s plan for Tesla batteries: share grid revenues with homeowners

CTO Peter Rive on how a $5,000 battery, co-financed with solar, can break open markets and serve grid-edge needs.

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