SolarReserve aims to build 6 solar tower power plants in South Australia

SolarReserve unveils plans for six large scale solar tower and molten salt storage plants in South Australia, but says it needs a contract to build the first one. But will the state government reach for the sun, or fall back on old gas plants?

New hope for solar towers, but South Aust. loads dice to favour gas

New energy tender could provide new avenue for solar towers with storage as South Australia seeks new entrants into electricity market to reduce the stranglehold of a small group of gas-fired generators. But the government has loaded the dice in favour of a previously mothballed but now operating gas generator.

Hewson’s unexplained attack on molten salt storage for solar

John Hewson’s extraordinary attack on rival solar storage technologies – including the suggestion they are not bankable – has stunned the industry. They are keen to know how Solastor’s technology – described just three years ago as “an expensive way to boil water” can now deliver the world’s cheapest 24/7 solar power.

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