Why solar towers and storage plants will reshape energy markets

More details emerge of the contract for the Port Augusta solar tower and storage project, and why it means huge change for energy markets, and a shift of focus from “base-load” fossil fuel to clean, flexible capacity built around “base-cost” renewables.

Solar PV could provide 30% of power needs by 2030, ARENA says

ARENA says solar PV could account for 30% of Australia’s power needs by 2030, as it unveils its new investment priorities – storage and reliability, solar innovation, energy productivity and renewable energy exports. Also, expect an announcement on solar thermal soon.

CSIRO says Australia can get to 100 per cent renewable energy

CSIRO says no technical barriers to 100% renewables, and levels of up to 30% should be considered “trivial” as other energy experts reject conservative attachment to “baseload” fossil fuels.

CSIRO inks major China solar thermal deal, but home market remains stalled

CSIRO signs deal to make, sell, install its patented concentrating solar thermal generation technology in China. Meanwhie, in Aus..

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