Home battery storage uptake tripled in 2017 in Australia, as costs tumble

New report suggests household battery storage set to boom in Australia, with uptake predicted to have tripled in 2017, and costs of the key technology expected to halve in less than seven years.

“State’s biggest” solar + battery storage microgid to power SA Produce Markets

A $10.5m microgid combining 2.5MW solar PV, 4.2MWh of Tesla battery packs, 2.5MW diesel generator will power SA wholesale fruit and vege market, save stall holders $500k a year.

Whyalla steel city goes green with 1GW of solar and storage

UK billionaire Sanjeev Gupta moves to transform his Whyalla steel business into a renewable energy power-house, with 1,000MW of solar and storage that will slash his energy bills by 40% and will likely be repeated in Victoria and NSW.

Off-grid solar + battery systems prove 15x more reliable than network

Western Power pilot shows stand-alone solar + battery + diesel systems 15 times more reliable than grid, and could save $300 million in avoided network upgrade costs – but only if rules are change changed to allow the systems to be rolled out.

As one home heads off grid… many more are choosing not to connect

One home in the heart of the Latrobe Valley goes off grid. But more than half of the new homes in the area are not even bothering to connect to the network in the first place, using rooftop PV and storage to look after their own needs.

WA garnet miner to build 3MW solar, wind, battery storage plant

GMA Garnet in WA becomes latest Australian big energy user to turn to renewables and battery storage for a cheaper, more reliable power supply.

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