Tesla ‘virtual power plant’ second best to real people power

The SA Tesla VPP may not be the most cost-effective solution to our electricity system’s needs.

Tesla battery + solar now “significantly cheaper” than grid power

Just 14 months ago, the writing was on the wall for grid-only electricity supply. Turns out the gap between grid only and PV+battery+grid is growing much more quickly than we imagined.

Australia to lead storage boom, as home batteries become “ubiquitous”

BNEF report names Australia among 8 countries to lead global energy storage boom, with market forecast to double six times over between now and 2030.

New Finkel report finds no need to panic about energy storage

New Finkel report says energy storage important, and represents a huge opportunity for Australia, but there is no reason to panic. Even at 50% wind and solar the need for storage is modest, and much could come from households.

Tesla joins effort to pair batteries with offshore wind

The US EV and battery maker has teamed up with Deepwater Wind to create the largest offshore wind farm with large-scale storage.

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