Redback startup charges up new Queensland jobs

Redback startup charges up new Queensland jobs

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A Brisbane-based energy technology startup Redback Technologies plans to double its current workforce of 54 over the next six months.

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A Brisbane-based energy technology startup Redback Technologies plans to double its current workforce of 54 over the next six months.

Visiting Redback Technologies  at its base on the University of Queensland campus, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Redback was founded in Brisbane with three staff, and through collaboration and support from the Queensland Government, UQ, the solar industry and private sector investors including EnergyAustralia, has grown to 54 staff, including 47 at its Brisbane head office.

“Businesses like Redback have contributed to the 94,500 new Queensland jobs created since January 2015 – the equivalent of 100 new jobs every day,” the Premier said.

Redback is focussed on developing low-cost, intelligent energy solutions for residential and business customers. Redback has established an inverter and battery storage test facility at its head office.

It consists of 21 test systems (expanding to 60 systems) and provides a test bed for new hardware and software being developed in Queensland. It will also be used to provide on- site training of our national installer network.

“Redback are at the forefront of demonstrating that battery storage technology is becoming more affordable and highlighting opportunities for battery storage and intelligent energy management technologies for secure and affordable energy,” she said.

Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch said Redback has had two funding injections, totalling $1.96 million, from the Government

“Redback was part of UQ’s ilab Germinate Program and with UQ, it had received Advance Queensland Research Fellowship grants of $540,000 for staff and resources to advance the development of smart grid capabilities,” Ms Enoch said.

“Redback are also being supported by Trade and Investment Queensland and Advance Queensland in the Dubai market.

“Advance Queensland is the Palaszczuk Government’s $420 million whole-of-government initiative, supporting jobs across a range of industry sectors,” Ms Enoch said.

Managing Director of Redback Technologies, Philip Livingston said: “Redback’s intelligent energy management solutions provide customers and businesses with the technologies that enable a reduction in energy costs and the increased integration of renewables into the grid.”

“Redback’s success would not have been possible without the fantastic support of the Queensland Government and their leadership within the renewable energy industry in this State,” he said.

Back to Work

The Premier said since July 2016 the Back to Work program — previously limited to regional centres but now available across the state since the 2017 State Budget — had seen more than 6,400 Queenslanders secure jobs.

“I urge employers, like Redback Technologies, to take advantage of the Back to Work program and give unemployed Queenslanders a start to their careers or help unemployed workers back into the work force,” she said.

Back to Work South East Queensland *

From July 1, 2017

Support payments available for eligible employers of up to:

•$15,000 for eligible employers who hire a long-term unemployed jobseeker (a person unemployed for 52 weeks or more)

•$20,000 for a young jobseeker (aged between 15-24 years)

•To be eligible, employees need to have started work on, or after Saturday 1 July 2017, and have been employed for at least four weeks.

Back to Work Regional Queensland *

Support payments currently available for eligible employers of up to:

•$10,000 for hiring an unemployed worker (specific to regional Queensland, outside South East Queensland)

•$15,000 for hiring a long-term unemployed worker (a person unemployed for 52 weeks or more)

•$20,000 Youth Boost for hiring a young jobseeker aged 15-24 years (must be employed by 31 October 2017 (inclusive)

*Eligibility criteria applies

Businesses can visit or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for more information about Back to Work, or to apply for an employer support payment.

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  1. Greg Hudson 3 years ago

    It would be nice if there was some pricing on their web site.
    I contacted one of their resellers, and could not get a straight answer, but it was over $10k. (exact $ amount was obfuscated as part of a ‘bundle’)
    I believe the batteries are Chinese. I’d like/prefer it to work with a Tesla PowerWall2 if possible.
    I like the design of the Redback system, and the App looks good too.
    Just my 2c worth (opinion), based on my experience so far.

    • Roger Franklin 3 years ago

      Greg – Great questions. I will say straight up that I purchased a Redback Hybrid Inverter 9 months ago along with an LG Chem Battery and it has worked from day one. As the saying goes, it does what it says on the tin. I agree that the Tesla PowerWall2 looks good and does what it says on the tin too, but it is an all on one device.

      Where the Tesla is an all in one package, the Redback allows you to choose different batteries from different manufacturers, something that allows users to configure and potentially expand the system to meet individual needs as they grow and change. Also – you can start without a battery if you like and add it later.

      In the end, I decided to purchase the Redback inverter to firstly support a local Australian company, secondly – any questions or suggestions I have had have been answered locally and very quickly and thirdly – to my knowledge the Tesla unit needs to be grid tied or connected, which if you are ok paying your $500+ dollar yearly connection fee – great! I just wanted the option.

      Anyway – the Redback Inverter and apps all work really well – could they add features, yes – something that they continue to do. There are lots of re-sellers, so find one that listens to what you want and is happy to talk through the options.

      Good luck with what every you choose.

      • Greg Hudson 3 years ago

        G’Day Roger, and thanks for your reply.
        Can you tell me how much you paid for the inverter (alone), then how much for the battery (and kWh of storage). This is the info I have been unable to find.
        Thanks, Greg.

        • Roger Franklin 3 years ago

          Greg – Sorry for taking a few days to answer your question. I purchased the inverter as part of a Solar install so I am not exactly sure how much it cost however $3.5-4k would be my guess. Recommend you call Ben at MEHRTZ on 1300 767 280


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