Graph of the Day: Energex nearly at 1GW of rooftop solar PV

Graph of the Day: Energex nearly at 1GW of rooftop solar PV

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Latest Energex data shows 290,006 households on south-east Qld network have rooftop solar, amounting to a total installed capacity of more than 980MW.

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Nearly three in every 10 households in south-east Queensland now has rooftop solar PV, amounting to a cumulative grid-connected distributed solar capacity of nearly 1GW, network operator Energex has revealed.

Energex – whose network covers the south-east corner of the state, including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast – released its solar PV report to the end of June 2015 on Wednesday, counting a total of 290,006 households with rooftop solar systems, and a total installed capacity of more than 980MW.

In the past year, nearly 30,000 homes and businesses have added around 140MW of rooftop solar in its network.

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As we wrote here at the end of 2014, Energex already boasts the highest rooftop solar penetration in Australia, and quite possibly the western world. In November last year, the combined installed solar on the network accounted for around 13 per cent of all residential consumption, and around half their individual consumption.

As you can see in the graph above, the growth rate has indeed been impressive – up from less than less than 2,000 (almost as many systems as were installed in June 2015, alone) in 2009 to more than 221,000 at the end of June, 2013.

In June this year, 1,945 new PV systems totalling 9.2MW capacity were connected to the network, with a further 2,819 applications received by customers.

Of the rooftop solar systems connected to Energex’s network, 190,427 (587MW) are connected on the premium feed-in tariff scheme (44c/kWh) – a fall of just over 10,000 in the past 12 months. A total of 97,166 (359MW) are connected on the retail FiT scheme, and 2,413 are non-FiT systems, totalling 33MW, the report said.

The average capacity of systems earning the 44c/kWh FiT is 3.08kW, while the average capacity for the retail funded-FiT is larger at 3.70 kilowatts, Energex said. The average capacity of systems not on a FiT scheme is 13.8kW.

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  1. john 5 years ago

    Strikes me that most are putting on the roof small 3 kw systems
    Energex must be happy.
    Anything to reduce installation of solar use is very welcome by Energex as is the case for every energy seller.
    All they need to do now is put up the daily supply charge and charge low tariff to the consumer then they will be home free.
    Hang on a minute that will not work because if a consumer gets storage and PV they can totally mitigate the cost because of the supply charge.
    My humble suggestion to Energex is to supply battery backup and PV for that matter to ensure you have skin in the business.
    Totally putting a head in the sand attitude will only result in a ever declining income curve to the company with no future outcomes that are in anyway positive.

    • Sandy 5 years ago

      Most people these days would like to put BIGGER than 3 KW solar because the costs have come down. What Energex is not saying in their report is they now have an “assessment period” to review an application to put anything bigger. And that is 65 business days! So in effect discouraging people to go higher. Specially applies to solar+storage sysems

      • john 5 years ago

        Thanks I forgot about that aspect and the reason.

    • James Hansen 5 years ago

      On the basis of the figures in the article, the average (with 44c) was 3.79 kW system but that has grown to an average system of 4.67 kW over the last 12 months. That means that new owners are putting on larger systems, probably because of the lower capital cost and are happy to have their consumption costs offset or substantially reduced. Obviously still the right thing to do, so I expect the installations to continue and when the 50% mark is passed, it will be a preferred requirement for purchasers of existing houses, making those with PV installations easier to sell.

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