‘I fear we will see radicalisation’ if Paris climate talks flop, says chair of 2009 Copenhagen summit

Connie Hedegaard says political leaders could stop coming to climate summits unless Paris delivers significant progress.

Global solar PV capacity expected to reach 652GW by 2025

A new report from GlobalData predicts that the total global solar PV installed capacity will reach 652 GW by 2025.

Why wind and solar are already better value than fossil fuels

Critics of renewables – such as Alan Jones, the Murdoch media and the Abbott government – focus on capital costs. But a new report from Citigroup says this is an error, and the total cost of renewables is already competing with fossil fuels and getting cheaper. And could save the world more than $US72 trillion.

UNSW solar cell to drive cost falls and become global standard

Solar cell technology developed by University of NSW is to become industry standard within 5 years and will boost in cell efficiency and another big fall in costs. Another reminder why Australia is one of four countries leading the global transition to solar energy.

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