Ausgrid and start-up Jolt team up to turn streetside power boxes into EV chargers

Ausgrid and start-up Jolt team up to turn streetside power boxes into EV chargers

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Ausgrid reveals plan to turn streetside power kiosks into EV chargers, making electric vehicle charging more accessible in Sydney with start-up Jolt.

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The Driven

Electricity provider Ausgrid has revealed a plan to make electric vehicle charging more accessible in Sydney, partnering with start-up Jolt to convert street-side power kiosks into EV chargers.

Access to EV chargers is often cited as a common barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles, but the new plan from Ausgrid and Jolt will see existing electricity infrastructure re-purposed to help overcome this issue. And it will be free to use, and powered by green energy.

“I’m excited Ausgrid is part of this world first initiative which is taking existing, essential community infrastructure and breathing new life into it,” Ausgrid CEO Richard Gross said in a statement.

“With this partnership, we will be supporting the electrification of transport, making it easier to charge and using 100 per cent green energy.”

An image uncovered by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (above) shows a render of an existing power box with Ausgrid branding, that boldly states “Empowering Lives”.

It’s not just about empowering Sydneysiders to switch to zero emissions transport, either. The plan from Ausgrid will see Sydney residents – particularly in areas where it’s not possible to park in a driveway or garage and charge at home – able to access streetside charging instead of having to visit shopping centres or fast charging sites.

“Most people are familiar with our green kiosks on street sides across Sydney. They’re essential for Ausgrid operations but most people don’t give them a second thought,” says Gross.

“By partnering with Jolt these kiosks will be transformed into state-of-the art charging stations which will allow EV drivers to pull up, plug in and charge their vehicles.

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