Reposit recall deals blow to Canberra energy management start-up

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Leading Australian home energy management start-up, Reposit Power, has issued a recall for all Reposit meter and box Kits installed since 2015, due to potential risk of electric shock.

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One Step Off The Grid

Leading Australian home energy management start-up, Reposit Power, has announced a recall of all its installations after discovering that certain configurations of its solar and storage smart meters fall short of national electrical safety standards.

In statements released this week, Reposit said a recall had been sent out for all Reposit Kits – including the RP115 meter and Reposit box – installed since 2015,  due to potential risk of electric shock to installers and/or end-users.

“Individually all the components of the Reposit Kit meet the Australian safety standard,” a company spokesperson told One Step Off The Grid.

But “after doing our own testing recently, it was discovered … that in certain installation configurations collectively they don’t meet standard. We are replacing most Reposit Kits installed.”

The Canberra-based company stresses that there have been no reported safety incidents involving Reposit Kits. But as the meter does not meet electrical isolation requirements when connected to another device, in this case the Reposit Box, they are not taking any chances…

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