Market Insight residential electricity price series

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New data shows that energy consumers are paying more than they think in their bills, and more than what the regulator admits.

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  1. For NSW, SA, QLD and VIC prices and bills are based on the weighted median Market and Standing offers made by AGL Energy, Energy Australia and Origin Energy in each market.
  2. Weighting takes account of:
  • number of customers supplied by each retailer on Standing and Market offers based on publicly available customer number data;
  • number of customers in each network service provider area (in NSW and VIC) based on publicly available data.
  1. It is assumed that half of each retailers’ customers that are on Market Offers receive all conditional and unconditional discounts and the other half of each retailers’ customers that are on Market Offers receive only unconditional discounts.
  2. The median offer in each offer category (Standing Offer, Market Offer with and without conditional discounts) is used in the weighting.
  3. Prices in WA, ACT, NT and TAS are for “Home Plan”, “Home”, “Standard meter”, “Tariff 31” respectively.
  4. For the sake of consistent inter-state comparison, the representative customer is assumed to consume 4,800 kWh per year. It is assumed that the customer has neither controlled load nor solar PV.
  5. All NSW, VIC, SA and QLD retailer offer data is obtained from MarkIntell by scraping retailers’ websites and by scraping Energy Made Easy and Switchon price comparison websites.
  6. Prices include GST.

Residential Annual Electricity Bill


Residential Electricity Price



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  1. Mike Dill 3 years ago

    At 47cents per kWh, how long does it take to pay off a solar array in SA?

    • Andy Bowe 3 years ago

      It would depend on size of array, your household consumption etc. Have a read of a few articles on where he sets out costs etc. I think if done properly most systems payback in 5-6 years, but rebates are increasing for each state re exported power to grid ie SA- AGL offering 16cp kWh exported as of 1/7/17.

  2. Goldie444 3 years ago

    I have come a bit late to this story. It has a lot of questions to help answer our (Australia’s) sorry retail market.
    And how did we get to this stage: Quote “It seems that a reason for the difference between the prices in our monthly series and the AEMC’s annual price trends is that the AEMC assumes all households on market offers pay their retailers’ cheapest rate.”
    If AEMC gets its estimates for market offers in its annual retail price report wrong, what else does it get wrong?

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