Hyundai joins renewable energy body Hydrogen Mobility Australia as a founding partner

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Hyundai Motor Company Australia has become a founding member of new automotive industry body Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA).

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  • Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) is proud to be a founding member of Australia’s new industry body promoting renewable energy
  • HMCA will help to promote the transition to hydrogen technology
  • Hydrogen Mobility Australia will advise government and industry on the commercial transition to a hydrogen economy
  • HMCA was Australia’s first company to permanently import a hydrogen fuel cell evaluation vehicle and establish a hydrogen refuelling station

5 February 2018 – Hyundai Motor Company Australia has become a founding member of new automotive industry body Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA), established to advise governments and industry on hydrogen technology and renewable energy.

HMA was established by the automotive and energy industries to develop transition strategies needed for the move away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy.

The new industry body will help accelerate the hydrogen economy by developing the various regulations and industry codes needed to support the introduction of the new fuel source here.

The announcement cements Hydrogen Mobility Australia’s position as the official industry body representing a broad industry group encompassing car manufacturers, energy and technology companies.

Hyundai was Australia’s first car company to permanently import a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle – an ix35 FCEV – to Australia for evaluation and demonstration purposes. It was also the first to have a permanent hydrogen refuelling station, built at its national headquarters in Sydney.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Scott Grant, who is also a director of Hydrogen Mobility Australia, said it is exciting for the company to be a founding member of the new industry body.

“The reduction of vehicle emissions is an important part of the overall global drive to help us breathe cleaner air,” said Mr. Grant.

“Hyundai is a world leader in the development of zero-emission and low-emission vehicles and hydrogen power will play a key role in our driving future.

”We look forward to working closely with all of our partners in promoting and demonstrating this fantastic technology.”

HMA’s newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer, Claire Johnson, has been involved with government advocacy for fuel cell vehicles since 2015 and says the organisation will play an important part in making Australia a hydrogen society.

“We have created a unique blend of skills, capabilities and mindsets and that places us in excellent stead to take advantage of the dawn of the hydrogen sector in Australia,” Ms Johnson said.

“We will make the most of this exciting chapter as the nation transitions to a green energy future.”

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  1. Charles 3 years ago

    Very disappointing to see Hyundai wasting their time, and potentially encouraging our governments to waste our money on it.
    If they brought the Ioniq and Kona EVs here they’d soon realise the people don’t want hydrogen (which benefits no one except the hydrogen suppliers), they want battery electric.

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